italicx asked: When it comes to beautiful words in Swedish I think that 'fjäril' (butterfly) is the most beautiful. But also 'fiol'. As a Swede I find it weird that there's people out there who likes Swedish, haha. What's your favourite word? :)

Of course there are people that like Swedish, why wouldn’t there be? :) I really like the word “fjäril” as well. It’s very pretty, as are butterflies.

Swedish is such a beautiful language, so I can’t exactly narrow it down to one favorite word. If I had to pick, though, I think the word “snygg” is my favorite. I use it as a code-word between my friend and I to talk about cute guys and it’s in my regular, everyday vocabulary. I’ve said it so much, I think I’ve perfected that word by now. It’s very fun to say, too. “Snygg”

(I just want to add, my least favorite word has to be “kolla”. It looks so simple but I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce it without sounding like an idiot lol)

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Anonymous asked: can you do the word for snowmobile accident? It's a cool looking word haha. Snöskoterolycka.

That’s a highly specific word, but sure I think I can do that lol

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Anonymous asked: can you do the word for airport? I love that word.

Sure :)

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Glad Påsk!

Glad Påsk!

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Anonymous asked: Could you explain the differences between tro, tänka and tycka please?

Sure! To make it as simple as possible, it’s like this:

Tänker - to think (the physical act of thinking) or to plan on doing something
Jag tänker på dig.
I think about you.
Jag tänker åka till Malmö imorgon.
I plan on going to Malmö tomorrow.

Tycker - to have an opinion
Jag tycker att han är snygg.
I think that he is good-looking.

Tror - to believe or guess
Jag tror på dig
I believe in you
Jag tror att hon gillar mig.
I think that she likes me.

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Anonymous asked: can you do the verbs to learn, to interest, to celebrate, to travel and to think?

Although, “to think” is tricky. “Think” is only one word is English, but it has three different ones in Swedish (tro, tänka, tycka). Tänka might be the one you’re thinking of….I can make that :)

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Anonymous asked: is it a thing in Swedish to abbreviate 'mycket' to 'mkt'? Perhaps it's kind of like the way some people abbreviate 'very' to just 'v.'

Yeah I think with the internet age, pretty much every language has some sort of abbreviations to shorten common words. It’s kinda like saying “thx” in English :)

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Anonymous asked: I just came across your blog and I like it a lot. As I read I saw the translation of the word "cupcake". In Sweden we call them cupcake because we don't have our own word for it. Haha. Cupcake is a pretty new phenomenon in Sweden. I have never heard or used the word "koppkaka". If you would order "en koppkaka", they would probably stare at you and wonder what kind of cake/cookie it is. If you have cupcake without the frosting we would call it "muffins" or "en muffins".:) Keep up the good work!:D

I’m not gonna lie, I think I made that only because that picture was so pretty and I wanted to use it lol. But thank you though, I do realize that now. A lot of people said the same thing :))

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