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angelblueeyes said: Hej! Your Blog is great, I have a swedish class for a week now and to found this blog was a super help rembering some vocabulary! Could you please make the Word Bunny/ Rabbit/ Hare? That would be so awesome! Thank you! Lot's of love to you! :D

Yes, I can :) And thank you, I’m glad you like the blog!

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Anonymous said: Hejsan! I just found your blog and I love it :3 I just wonder if you could make the word "fika", I love that word and it would be fun if you could make it :3 Maybe you could do "surstömming" too, nothing says Sweden as much as surstömming x3

Hi, thank you! :)

Wow, fika and suströmming? Those certainly are very Swedish words! However, they don’t have English translations and I’ve never done something like that before. But I think it’s good to get people exposed to them, so I will try and see. Thanks for the suggestion!

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estellesilvia said: Hello! I'm a huge fan of your blog, and I was wondering if Swedish had a word for great-grandparents (specifically dad's maternal grandmother). Thanks!

Hello! Yes, they do, but it’s really nothing hard. In Swedish, father is “far”. If you want to say your father’s mother, you say “farmor”. If you talk about your father’s mother’s mother, it’s “farmors mor” (grandmother’s mother). 

You can also say “fars mormor” (father’s grandmother), and it’s still the same thing.

Hope that helps! :)

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Anonymous said: Oh my god I want to cry. I've been looking for a way to learn Swedish, but I live in a rinky dink town where it's not taught, and seeing the words put in such a clear way and like flash cards makes it so easy to learn. It's my dream to travel to Sweden, and hopefully stay there. Thank you so much for helping my dream come true! >///<

Aw no problem!! I’m so glad to hear these pictures help you learn. Good luck with this!

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ddalek said: I'm from Finland and we have to learn Swedish here at school but I find it very difficult and I just can't learn it well, but now that I just found this blog I hope I'll remember and learn some of these words so thanks :)

Wow, really? Best of luck to you! Finnish is not similar to Swedish at all so I can definitely see why you’re struggling.

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Anonymous said: Do you have anything for pronunciation? Ive been learning swedish for a while and I know a lot but Im having ahard time with pronouncing words out loud. My boyfriend is swedish and I really want to speak it with him but I get embarrassed.

Unfortunately, I’ve never made any pronunciation guides. Would you guys like me to make them??

In the meantime, the only advice I have for better pronunciation is listening. Sounds easy but it’s actually something a lot of people don’t do. Listen carefully to how things are pronounced rather than saying words the way you assume they are said. Also, on that same note, listen to different things. Watch movies or tv shows, listen to radio or music. You’ll get used to the way words sound and that helps with pronunciation.

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